Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

Students in Airu District Usually Take National Exams in City

The ilustration. Some students of elementary school are walking. (Jubi/Doc)

The ilustration. Some students of elementary school are walking. (Jubi/Doc)

Sentani, Jubi – Teachers in Airu district said students from villages have been forced to travel long distances to the city to take final examinations.

“You can imagine the distance the students has to take to come for final exams?,” Korneles Daundi, head of elementary school SD Pagai in Airu district said to Jubi at Sentani regent office on Monday (02/02/2015).

Students who live in Pagai village must pay airfare and other students who live in kamikaro, naira, and Aurina villages must take a motorboat all day to reach the main road.

He further said, besides spending a lot of money, it is also a huge responsibility  “In the city we have to use the aircraft and it is definitely expensive. Students also experienced cultural -shock and ill due to weather conditions and are not familiar with the new place,” he added.


The same concern was also conveyed by Lot Yansip, one of the teachers in Hulu Atas. Yansip said to get to the location, the four-wheeled vehicles have to cross the river during the day, and it depends on the weather there.

“From previous experience, we had to spend the night on the road because of bad weather. As a result some kids were sick on the way and this made us as teachers busy and confused whether to take the test or to the hospital,” he explained.

Meanwhile in a separate place, principal of elementary school, YPK Tablasupa Mince Wally agreed with her fellow teachers to conduct final tests at each school. (Engelbert Wally/Tina)

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