Students of Kimaam Junior High School - Jubi/Ans K

Students Cannot Read, Kimman Junior and High School Provide Special Classes

Students of Kimaam Junior High School - Jubi/Ans K

Students of Kimaam Junior High School – Jubi/Ans K

Merauke, Jubi – A number of junior and high school students in Kimaam were not able to write and read, Chairman of the Commission A of Merauke Regional Legislative Council Moses Kaibu said, urging the school administrators to provide additional classes.

“There are special classes arranged in both Junior and High School Kimaam for a number of students who can not write and read. Teachers must coach and train the children very well,” said Kaibu to reporter at his office on Tuesday (30/8/2016).

He asserted this is occurred on those students because the teachers forcedly passed them when they were at the elementary school. “When they were at the elementary school, the teachers have never been at their duty site. Therefore the children were not well educated,” he asserted.

This condition, he explained, is remaining to be happened until now. Even from his visit to remote area Kimaam, the teachers with civil servant status were not here, but only the contracted teachers.


“I am not questioning the teachers who move to the city to continue their study, because it was a program of the Central Government. But the government should manage it to avoid a vacant of teachers in the village,” he added.

The Head of Education and Learning of Merauke Regency Johanes Samkakai admitted if most of teachers are currently in the town to continue their study as mandated in the regulation to oblige all teachers to get the bachelor degree.

To fill the vacant of teachers in the village, the education office has recruited the contract teachers and delivered them to the remote areas. ‘We have a program hiring the temporarily teachers to teach in several areas, in particular the remote areas,” he said. (*/rom)

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