Chairman of the Synod of Evangelical Church in Tanah Papua (KINGMI) Benny Giay confirmed three new doctors from STT Walter Post Jayapura - Jubi/Yance Wenda.

STT Walter Post Jayapura: “From Post 7 to the World”


Chairman of the Synod of Evangelical Church in Tanah Papua (KINGMI) Benny Giay confirmed three new doctors from STT Walter Post Jayapura – Jubi/Yance Wenda.

Sentani, Jubi – Doctoral program on the history of church and culture of Papua at STT (Theological College) Walter Post Jayapura held a seminar and book exhibition titled “From Post 7 to World” at Walter Post Hall Building Jayapura, Monday to Tuesday (July 24-25).

Chairman of the KINGMI Synod in Tanah Papua Pdt. Dr. Benny Giay to Jubi said, July became the month of education in the church and prioritize the education of the congregation.
“This July children return to school and college, so we choose this activity in July, parents who understand good education will build a good and healthy church,” said Giay, Monday (July 25).
He explained, many Papuan children’s books are on display, either from STT Walter Post, or other. Among them are books on church development, change, conflict, theoretical and church-focused violence.
“These books should open the eyes of the congregation in order to see the reality and who is behind, and continue the agenda that weakens us Papuans in all areas, so how can the church congregate, not just watch it, but can take control,” Benny said.
Among the authors of the book from the STT Walter Post are the doctoral candidates: Sofyan Yoman, Benny Magai, and Chairman of STT Walter Post Masmur Asso.
“This is something extraordinary because the spirit of writing is very high and we should be grateful, and I am proud of the launch of Wilem Boby’s book on Asmat held last July 22,” he said.
Three new Doctors
The Doctoral Program of STT Walter Post Jayapura also confirmed three new doctors in the STT WPJ campus building on Wednesday (July 26). The three doctors are Dr. Sofyan Yoman, Dr. Mazmur Asso, and Dr. Benny Pigay.

Chairman of the Synod of KINGMI in Papua Benny Giay said the giving of titles such as this started in the third and fourth centuries.

“The spirit of giving the title is to serve the community, not for its own sake, not for politics and power alone, but a doctorate in the church we say, to wash the feet of the congregation, the one who come down to the new congregation can get a doctorate,” he said .

He hopes that the three confirmed doctors can come down to people and understand the problems his parish faces, looking down the political, cultural, and human rights issues that affect the life behavior of the congregation.

“If he has come down and he can understand directly the family life and the lives of children,” he said.


Giay said, with the program means to multiply and encourage their own culture. What were problems in the past and what became the strength for church leaders in the 60s, 80s and could take lesson from the change happened in those days.

Dr. Benny advised the young Papuan generation to be diligent by learning and building a reading culture. Otherwise Papuans will be forever left behind.

Mean while Dr. Benny Pigay is grateful for his doctorate. He said there were three types of creature beings who were impoverished Papuans.

“The first creature is the government, the second creature who took refuge in the churches are immigrants, the third creature is Papuan people themselves who can do many things but only benefit the immigrants,” he explained. (*)

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