Stranded Whale Carcass in Biak


Biak, Jubi / Antara – Residents of Warsa district in Biak Numfor, Papua pulled a dead whale measuring over 11 meters from the sea to prevent foul odor in the area last week.

The chief of Warsa district, Marthen Wompere said the carcass washed up in the waters of Warsa. It had a height of two meters.
“We worked together to pull the whale carcass out of water found in the Warsa waters,” Marthen Wompere said in Biak last week.

He said, he did not know what the cause of death of whales so it is necessary to conduct a study by local fishery department.

Geographically, Warsa waters is located in high seas lip of pacific so that it becomes a playground for a large. This case attracted people to look whale carcass directly.

Based on data, Warsa waters in the Pacific Ocean is storing various kinds of large fish that every time appeared in local waters. (*)


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