Status of YPPGI School in Timika Unclear


Timika, Jubi – The head of the Education Department of Mimika Regency, Drs. Bartholomew Kunong, M.Si, said YPPGI Vocational High School ( SMK YPPGI) in Timika is not officially registered.

“Since the opening of SMK YPPGI, it has never registered to the high school and vocational school division of the education department,” Konong reported.

He said every foundation has the right to establish a school, but there are requirements that  must be met.

To that end, Kunong appealed to parents who want to send their children to check the status of the school.
“We can not accommodate an unregistered school, although the school has accepted new students for  academic year 2014-2015. Consequently, students certification would not be recognized,” he added.

The headmaster of Animal Husbandry vocational school ( SMK N 4 Peternakan), Obeth Mano Edom, said he thought  the school was seeking to take advantage of the school aid funds program ( BOS) rather than to improve the quality of education and human resources in Papua.


He said he hoped that the government and the education department would not easily open new schools, and do revisited the “ regional system” as it used to, so that all schools must be equitable in accepting students in each region. (Eveerth Joumilena/Tina)

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