State Must Own Up to Mistakes Over Papua, says Papuan Councillor


Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I member Laurenzus Kadepa said the State should have courage to own up to its past mistakes in Papua and make amends.

“The State must dare admit its mistakes in the past and promised not to repeat it if it wants Papua to be still part of the Republic of Indonesia. It must change its approach and commit to human development in Papua. It should not focus only on infrastructure,” Kadepa told Jubi on Tuesday (7/4/2015).

According to him, although they are the landowners but during the time, Papuans are always becoming an object. This country seems have no intention to develop the Papuan human resources, while Papuans also have the same right to other citizens.

“The State should no longer use the military approach in Papua, and it would better reduce the military in Papua. Now the number of Papuans is reduced. Papua would be just a dream, if Indonesia doesn’t change its approaching method,” he said.

Meanwhile, another Commission I member Tan Wie Long similarly said it is time for the State to admit its mistake and apologize to Papuans and not make the same mistakes in the future. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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