Felix Iyai (Jubi)

St. Rafael Primary School Not Ready to Implement New Curriculum

Felix Iyai (Jubi)

Felix Iyai (Jubi)

Timika, Jubi – St. Rafael Kaugapu primary school in East Mimika district has not yet implemented the 2013 Curriculum and still used Curriculum Based Competence ( KTSP), principal Felix Iyai said on Tuesday ( 12/11).

The school was not ready because only four teachers attended the briefing on the 2013 curriculum and the various means of support such as textbooks for students and a guide book for teachers have not yet been received too,

Iyai said that the guidebook might be already in the office of the Department of Education but it has not been delivered to school.

He said that the new curriculum should be reexamined as first to third grades students were given priority to learn reading, writing, and counting.” The 2013 curriculum makes complicated in carrying out learning activities instead,” he added.


One of the parents, Petrus said he hoped that the children would keep studying hard regardless of the curriculum used.

“The more important is our kids could read, write and be smart, “he hoped. (Eveerth Joumilena/ Tina)

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