Special Committee to Promote Papuan Women Traders’ Market

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council will form three special committees including the Special Committee for Papuan women traders’ market.
The Council’s Legislation Board member Emus Gwijangge said the Special Committee would fight and promote the realization of a permanent market building for Papuan women traders.
“Up to now they have been protesting asking for a permanent market but it has never been materialized by the government. While the former Papua’s councilors similarly did the same thing; they never accommodated their aspiration. Now, we must take action to handle this issue seriously,” he said on Wednesday afternoon (4/3/2015).
He said in the period of 2009 – 2014, the representatives of Papuan women traders have met with the Papua’s councilors as well as the Papua Governor.  But there is no action taken until now. They never had been a concern.
“I feel sorry for them. They only become a victim. Actually it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. It is just how the government and parliament to pay attention on their voice. Do not ignore them and make priority on the non-Papuans. The indigenous Papuans must be prioritized,” he said.
Further he said if the reason was the land to reallocate the Damri (State Bus Company), it should be solved. He hoped the Special Committee could resolve the Papuan women’s demand.
“The point is we will struggle to promote the materialization of permanent market for Papuan women traders. But the execution is on the government’s hand because it’s connected with the budget,” he said.
On one occasion, the Secretary of Papuan Indigenous Traders Solidarity Robert Jitmau said land reallocation for Damri shouldn’t be a reason to postpone the development of permanent market for Papuan women traders. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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