Special Autonomy Fund-Sharing Must Be Adjusted with Indigenous Population in Customary Areas says Legislator


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator Emus Gwijangge said the Papua Special Autonomy Fund sharing scheme must fit the number of indigenous population in the customary areas in Papua.

He said the policy of Papua Governor Lukas Enembe to give 80% of Special Autonomy Fund to regencies/municipality is correct. However, it should be adjusted with the number of indigenous populations located in five customary areas.

“For example, there are 10 regencies located into Meepago customary area, Lapago covers six regencies, Mamta has four regencies, and Anim Ha has four hours. The most population of indigenous Papuans live in Meepago customary area,” Gwijangge told Jubi on Thursday (17/12/2015).

According to him, the customary areas with the less indigenous Papua are Anim Ha and Mamta. He said most population in Anim Ha is migrants while the Special Autonomy fund is reserved to indigenous Papuans.

“So I think its portion should not be flat. I prefer if the fund sharing is according to the number of indigenous population in each customary area or regency. In addition, the difficulty of access must be considered. For example the regency located in Lapago area, the inter Sub-district access could only reached by small plane,” he said.


Further he said he would convey this issue in the Papua Regional Budget Plenary Meeting 2016 through the review of fraction. He also asked the regional/municipal parliaments to play their control and supervision roles to avoid the budget has been used by the officials.

“The use of the Special Autonomy Fund must be fully optimized. Until now people are still complaining, although the budget has been transferred to regency/municipality. Do not scarify the people. If it was misused, better to identify the number of indigenous Papuans and the budget should be delivered per household,” he said.

Budget Committee and Consultative Body of the Papua Legislative Council, the expenditures of special autonomy fund at regional level was highlighted in the meeting of the Budget Committee and Consultative Body of the Papua Legislative Council. The Chairman of Papua Legislative Council, Yunus Wonda said the governor’s policy was correct, but the regional leaders were not well function.

“The governor’s instruction is clear. The priority of 80% of budget is allocated for education, health services and people centered economic. But up to now, most of regencies in Papua have failed to improve the health services, education and people centered economic,” Wonda said a few days ago.

He reminded the regents/majors to not only prioritize the infrastructure development from 80% allocation budget. He said the budget for infrastructure is sufficient; it’s not only allocated from regional budget, provincial budget but also from national budget. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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