Raja Ampat islands - suplied

Sorong Rescue Team Found Eight Sorong Fishermen at Raja Ampat Sea

Raja Ampat islands - suplied

Raja Ampat islands – suplied

Sorong, Jubi – National Search and Rescue Team of Sorong Municipality successfully evacuated eight fishermen last week who were missing since Saturday afternoon (16/5/2015).

After two days searching, the Rescue Team finally found those missing fishermen of Dom residents, Sorong Kepulauan survived.

“They were reportedly missing during the fishing from the Dom Island away to Cassowary Bay, Saoka Sub-district. Due to the engine trouble, their longboat wandered to the Raja Ampat Sea for twenty four hours,” said Karel Rony, the Head of Operation Unit of National Search and Rescue Team of Sorong Municipality.

He further said currently those fishermen are still in Waisai, Raja Ampat, waiting to be sent home to their family. With this result, the National SAR of Sorong Municipality stated their mission is accomplished. (Nees Makuba/rom)


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