Sorong Prosecutor Frequently Meets Labora Sitorus


Sorong, Jubi – Thousands of PT Rotua’s employees accused Sorong prosecutors often met with Labora Sitorus, a convicted crime of illegal logging and fuel stockpile but currently is missing.

During the protest held in front of the Sorong Barat Sub-district Office on Monday (9/2/2015), they asked the authorities to release him for avoiding the causalities.

The protest coordinator Fredy Fakdawer questioned the Sorong Prosecutor Office for issuing the Wanted List for Sitorus while they have noticed he was ill and should be rest at his house.
“We are wondering why they defined him in the Wanted List while they actually knew he was resting at his house. They knew it because they often came to see him,” Fakdawer said.

Therefore he asked the President Widodo to establish an independent team to review the case of Labora Sitorus, because hundreds of PT Rotua’s employees are depending on him.

The protest previously would be held at three locations, namely Sorong Prosecutor Office, Sorong Prison and Sorong Municipal Parliament Office. But the Police didn’t allow it due to the security reason. The protest started at 09:00 Papua time has created the traffic congestion in Rufei and Tanjung Kasuari. Women and children were joined among the protesters asking the release of Labora Sitorus. (Nees Makuba/rom)


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