Sorong Naval Hospital Accepts BPJS Card Holders


Sorong, Jubi – The Naval Hospital (RSAL) dr. R. Oetojo Sorong located in Jl. Ahmad Yani Klademak 3 Kota Sorong is ready to accept patients using BPJS (State Social and Health Insurance) of as  1 January 2015.


“We have opened access to the BPJS card holders since yesterday, January 1st,” the Director of RSAL dr. Oetojo Sorong, dr. Yenri Januardi told reporters in Sorong on Wednesday (7/1) after the launching of service for the patients registered as BPJS card holders.


He said although the Naval Hospital is a state hospital provided service to the navy and army, but the hospital also has an obligation to accept the public or civilians. This is also to dismiss an assumption to generate it as the high-cost hospital. Further he invited people who register as BPJS participants to not hesitate to get health service at this hospital. “If there’s a charging, I will fire who do it,” he said. It is also a form of partnership between the RSAL and BPJS, that every public hospital must apply the BPJS program. He also hoped people to get the BPJS card to help them when being treated at any registered hospital as BPJS referral hospital.



Meanwhile, the Head of BPJS Sorong, Marthen Krey told Jubi the agreement with RS AL. dr. R. Oetojo Sorong is a commitment of the Government and BPJS to build the healthy Indonesian community. Therefore, BPKS Sorong will improve its management in collaboration with RS. AL. “We just need to improve our administration system. That’s all,” he said. (Ness Makuba/Rom)


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