Sorong Municipal Police Receive 20 Young Officers


Sorong, Jubi – Sorong Municipal Police received 20 new police recruits who graduated from the State Police Academy (SPN) in Jayapura in December.

The fresh graduates arrived at Sorong on Monday (18/1).

Sorong Municipal Police Deputy, Commissioner Syamsul Ridwan welcomed them at the Sorong Police Headquarters on Monday (19/1).

Ridwan said the placement was aimed to form a new platoon in order to strengthen the territorial jurisdiction of Sorong Municipality.
“I think from a geographical condition, it is enough. But the population number is still less,” he added.

Meanwhile, when asked about the placement process of twenty young officers, the Press Division Chief of Sorong Municipal Police, Bayu Rahadian said they are currently trained at the Sorong Municipal Police for one month before their next assignment.
“We train them for a month. They will get assigned after the training,” he said.


Three of twenty personnel are formerly officers selected at Sorong Municipality and return to join the Sorong Municipal Police. (Nees Makuba/rom)

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