Sorong City Council Accused of Cowardice in Alcohol Crackdown


Sorong, Jubi – The Sorong Municipal Legislative Council and the local government are not capable of cracking down on the circulation of liquor, which has been blamed for a spate of crimes in Sorong City, an observer said.


The City Council exhibited cowardice when it failed to endorse the Regional Regulation to restrict liquor distribution, social observer Kace Marani on Monday (26/1).


“Sorong City Council is a coward. It does not dare taking action on the Regional Regulation on Liquor ” said Marani.



According to him, Sorong City already had Regional Regulation No.13/2012 on Retribution on Liquor Sales Location Permit and Regional Regulation No.18/2012 on Monitoring and Control on the Liquor. Both regulations have been authorized in 2012 without socialization and hearing with the community.


“Even the parliament’s members at that time were never attended the plenary session to approve both regulations. But it had authorized and registered in the regional administration immediately,” he said.


The Chairman of Commission B of Sorong Municipal Legislative Council, Salestinus Reubun said in the meeting with Sorong Mayor on 4 January 2015, both government and parliament agreed about the requirement of new Regional Regulation for controlling the circulation of liquor. However, under the circumstances that Sorong City has no source of Regional Revenue from other sectors except the service sector, thereby eliminating the circulation of liquor cannot be done.


“It’s hard to eliminate the circulation of liquor, because it has connection with the Regional Revenue of Sorong City. We only count on that sector,” he said. Further, city’s revenue from the liquor is up to 7 billion per year. (Nees Makuba/Tina).

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