Port of Waropen - Supplied

Some Tourism Attractions Neglected Due to Political Interests

Port of Waropen - Supplied

Port of Waropen – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Several tourism attractions like Ausiwerini beach in Waropen are neglected because of political interests.

The head of tourism Matias Niki said on last week that special attractions in Kampung Sangei were built starting 2006, but were discontinued due to funding problems following the the change of local leadership.

“Many tourism objects in Waropen, but it depends on how tourism agencies and local governments manage,” he said.

According to him, the objects are a government asset that must be maintained and managed properly,


“The government must pay attention since tourism has very good prospects for local government income,” he said.

He explained, Waropen has four tourist areas including Kampung Sanggei, Ronggaiwa and Nao Island.

“Nao island can be used as a marine tourism and region destination because there is a statue of Jesus. ” he said. He further said, to develop it, he will form a local community team.

“During this time they are carrying out various activities, and we will support and fund the events. Every year the department budgets Rp20 million to 10 local community teams from special autonomy fund, “he said.

Earlier, the acting regent Waropen FX Mote asked people who live around the attraction to play an active role keeping, maintaining and promoting tourist attractions.

“We must both maintain and preserve the tourist objects, so can attract foreign tourists to visit,” said Mote. (Alexander Loen)

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