The map of Nduga Regency - Suplied

Some Teachers Still Receive Monthly Salaries Even Though They Never Teach

The map of Nduga Regency - Suplied

The map of Nduga Regency – Suplied

Wamena, Jubi – Some teachers in Nduga regency never meet their duties as teachers but still receive their salaries, the head of the local Education, Culture and Tourism Office, Namia Gwijangge, revealed.

“Yes, there are many teachers who has since being appointed as civil servants never come to the school,” Namia Gwijangge said when met Jubi in Wamena on Friday (25/9/2015).

He acknowledged he has done a variety of ways to deal with this condition, including providing training and facilities, yet there are still stubborn teachers who never come to teach.

Previously, Lepinus, a resident of Nduga regency complained about many schools that can not run well due to lack of teachers.
“Even in Keneyam, a capital of Nduga regency, there are still teachers who do not teach. poor children,” said Lepinus. (Wesai H/ Tina)


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