Some Elementary Students in Biak Unable to Read


Biak, Jubi – The director of Technological Academy Biak (ATB), Papua, Woinsiri Heppy Nanggaro, ST said, in Biak Numfor some students in several elementary schools (SD) are unable to read.

“This I found when I am doing my research on literacy and reading skills at elementary school in the West Biak, Swandiwe and East Biak districts. At that time I tested them to spell out the alphabets that I’ve collated in alphabetical order, after they read I found out they do not know the exact letters, ” Nanggaro said when met Jubi last week.

He said it is very important for parents to educate children and for the government to make sure that there are teachers who work and live in the villages.

Furthermore he said, the establishment of early childhood education in the villages is also important in for children in the villages before moving to the elementary level.

If this case is not addressed and solved by local government then children will have difficulty in school and college.


Meanwhile, chief of Sunyar village, Yendidori district, Yesaya Ayer also said teaching and learning in primary school in the village is not going well. He hoped Department of Education and Culture in Biak will come with the solution that teaching school in the village would be better. (Marten Boseren/ Tina)

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