School Pupils in West Papua (Jubi/Albert Yomo)

Some Elementary School Pupils Unable to Read in Waris, Keerom

School Pupils in West Papua (Jubi/Albert Yomo)

School Pupils in West Papua (Jubi/Albert Yomo)

Abepura, Jubi- The absence of teachers at 5 elementary schools in Waris district, Keerom have resulted in many pupils being unable to write and read.

Teachers left because they feel uncomfortable working in remote areas  and were disappointed by frequent delays in salary payment.
“I agreed what was reported by Pastor Krispinus Bidi SVD in the newspaper Jubi some time ago,” chief deputy of CSO Network, Donatus Sadipun ,said at a workshop on Consolidation network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) at Grand Abe hotel, Abepura on Saturday (11/10 ).

“I think the problem is because the recruitment was inappropriate, so that many teachers do not want to serve in rural areas,” he said.

A member of the CSO networks, Yosephina Nauyagir said the health sector was also facing a similar problem, with health care workers rarely coming to work. (Dominggus A Mampioper/Tina)


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