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Friday, 25 September 2015 - 10:31 WIB

Some Elementary and High School Students in Biak Cannot Read

Biak, Jubi – Some elementary and high school students in Biak Numfor cannot read properly, school administrators said.

School supervisors said during a jointly discussion with Rumsram Biak Foundation and media a few days ago in Biak that the problem was caused by economic factors, teachers’ security, teacher’ housings, lack of school’ facilities.

The chairman of the Forum of Young Intellectual Biak, Papua, Markus Komboi told Jubi on Thursday (24/9/2015) that students cannot read because of a lack of teachers.

Students go to school but there are no teachers. So, in this case is teachers’ fault, he said.
“In order to go to the next grade, students must meet the requirements like they must pass an exam. So, Why they move to the next grade when they are unable to meet the standards,” said Komboi

He further said, this is very embarrassing. The students needs to be helped specially for those who come from low-income families. “Poor people need to be aasisted to have a better future and, government should provide support and assistance for them,” he added. (Marten Boseren/Tina)


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