Jokowi when visit Jayapura during his campaign (Jubi)


Jokowi when visit Jayapura during his campaign (Jubi)

Jokowi when visit Jayapura during his campaign (Jubi)

Jayapura, 14/7 (Jubi) – Solidarity with Indigenous Papuan Traders (Solpap) welcomed a statement by presidential candidate Joko Widodo that he is planning to build a special market for Papuan traders.

Dozens of indigenous Papuan traders met the head of the Cipta Karya division of the Papua Public Works Department, Yan Ukago, to urge the government to be serious about freeing the market location which is still being occupied by the Papua Transportation Department as a bus terminal.
“We are pleased with Jokowi’s statement that if he is elected as president, he will build a market for Papuan traders. This is certainly good news for us. So, we immediately met department of Public Works officials (DPU) to know their further plans in preparing the location that had been promised ,” Solpap coordinator Rev. Dora Balubun told journalists in Jayapura, Papua on Friday (11/7).

She said the provincial government should involve police to deal with the dispute over the land.
“Moreover, the land will be used to build terminal Damri is a government-owned asset. Obviously, we will continue to follow up the government’s promise to build a market for indigenous Papuan traders,” he said.

The head of Papua Public Works Department of Cipta Karya, Yan Ukago said, the construction of a new terminal and offices,  located next to the Youtefa new road in Abepura were still pending.
“However, currently we are having a little problem due to the blockage by land owners,” he said.


“It is still under construction, although there is no agreement made with the customary owners. Last year’s construction went well, but now we encounter land issues, ” Ukago said

Meanwhile, the planning process has been presented which involved a team of anthropologists. It means that the Papuan trading habits are studied and assessed. Still, the development cannot be realized yet.
“If there are no non-technical issues, the new terminal construction will be completed in 1,5 years, “he said.

He then added that if the construction of Papuan Indigenous market has not been completed within 1.5 years, the government through the Department of Public Works will replace the market’s tent  because it only lasts for five years.
“The market is now used as the indigenous Papuan traders which was built in 2010. So if the permanent market construction has not been completed, then the roof tent will be replaced. According to the traders, the condition of the tents already began to tear, “he said. (Jubi / Alex/ Tina)

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