Indonesia Soldiers in Jayapura City - Jubi

Soldiers Told Not to Carry Weapons in City

Indonesia Soldiers in Jayapura City - Jubi

Indonesia Soldiers in Jayapura City – Jubi

Timika, Jubi- District Military Commander 1710 / Mimika Lt. Col. Andi Kusworo, said that the shooting incident in Timika had tarnished the military as an institution and ordered officers to control their subordinates.

“This incident should be a reminder for the military to increase monitoring to each member one by one,” Andi said during a gathering with members of the Kodim 1710 / Mimika in the area of St.Fransiskus church.

“If you know “A” behaves like this, do not be silent only. As one person can make a big problem. Please talk to the members and officers,” the commander said, in Timika, this week.

He further said Kamoro tribal people have issued a lot of statements that they are part of Indonesia and even the families of the military itself.


After this incident, the commander said there would be a regulation issued by Korem 174 / ATW, Brigadier General TNI Supartodi regarding restriction to not carry weapons when members are in town.

He also said there is no longer a member of Kodim 1710 / Mimika who do security in the culverts region, because in fact the area is under the authority Amole police members.

Regarding Liquor (Miras), he asked his officers to follow up, especially in Poumako. (Eveerth)

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