Soldiers Help Police Hunt 13 Escaped Prisoners


Jayapura, Jubi – Soldiers are helping Papua Police in their hunt for 13 escaped prisoners from the Abepura Prison on Friday (8/1/2016).

“Currently we and the Indonesian military are hunting and will catch them,” Papua Police Chief Inspector General Police Paulus Waterpauw confirmed to reporters in Jayapura on Monday (11/1/2016).

He said the deployed military personnel assist to secure a number of roads expected to be passed by thirteen prisoners who escaped during visiting hours. Both police officers and military personnel are already on guard at every road corners making difficult for them to go farther.

“Soon or later we will definitely catch them because their act of violence is terrifying and disturbing people a lot,” said the Chief Waterpauw.

Papua Police Chief and Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Commander Major General Hinsa Siburian, Second Assistant of Papua Regional Secretary Elly Loupatty and several regents admitted they have spread the photographs of the escaped prisoners so that security force personnel would not misrecognize the prisoners.


Additionally, the security forces and government also request help from the families and religious leaders to appeal the escaped prisoners to surrender and return to the prison.

“We give deadline until Sunday (17/1/2015) for them to surrender. If not they would carry all the risks and responsibilities on their own,” Papua Police Chief firmly said.

The thirteen escaped prisoners Derpin Togotli, Jon Uwaga, Darius Doga, Lapis Wantik, Feli Tabuni, Jefran Efrain Oagay, Yanuanius Muyak, Eki Dabi, Rambo Tolikara, Itwan Itlay, Hendrik Djoki, Usmin Talenggen, and Yogor Talenggen. (*/rom)

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