Indonesia troops near the border (Jubi)


Indonesia troops near the border (Jubi)

Indonesia troops near the border (Jubi)

Jayapura, 3/6 (Jubi) – A soldier was shot in his right hip during a firefight  on the Indonesian-PNG border on Tuesday (3/6).

The soldier, Second Private Maulana Malik,  was evacuated to the Muaratami Community Health Center to stop his bleeding, and he then  transferred to the Marthen Indey Army Hospital for further treatment.

Earlier, a gunfire was heard in the neutral zone at around 13.00 Papua time; an hour after the border gate was opened. Soldiers and police officers who briefed by the Head of Military Resort Lieutenant Colonel Rano Tilaar ran out to check.

Muaratami Police Chief, Commissionaire Police Yulius Yawan confirmed the incident. “Yes, there’s a a gunfire,” he said through the SMS on Tuesday (3/6).


A soldier who declined to give his name said the fire was shot after the gate was opened for an hour. “The gate was just opened. We were in briefing at the Post-01 Skouw when heard the gunfire coming from the border near the post,” he said.

Papua Police Spokesperson, the Commissioner Seniour Police Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono accused rebels for the shooting. “This group wants to demonstrate their existence. They disturbed the economy in the border,” he said. He further said the Papua Police is keeping the coordination with the PNG Police. “The Indonesian Military is also do the same thing,” he said.

After the shooting incident, the border gate is closed for uncertain time, while the soldiers and the police officers are still on the scene and there are no activities in the market border until now. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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