Mimika coastal area (Jubi)


Mimika coastal area (Jubi)

Mimika coastal area (Jubi)

Timika, 8/6 (Jubi) – Mimika regency urged communities to focus on protecting coastal ecosystems from the worsening effects of climate change.

This year’s Environment Day should serve as a momentum for the implementation of environmental management that is more consistent, assistant IV of Regional secretary of Mimika, Erens Meockbun said in Timika on Saturday (7/6).

Erens explained that good environmental management will encourage the use of natural resources wisely. Natural resources have to be managed for the people’s benefit and future generations
“It is precisely when the government announced a policy strategy that is  pro-job, pro-poor, pro-environment and pro-growth. Economic growth which solely relies on environmental exploitation has resulted in environmental damage and pollution,” Erens said.

Environmental preservation and cooperation between all stakeholders are needed.
“Besides government’s commitment, the involvement of all stakeholders is the key to the success of environmental protection. Harmonious and proportional between government, private, and community is an important pillar in environmental development. The government is encouraged to design program that emphasis on people- oriented and to facilitate the needs of the people. The community involvement is also needed in the protection and management of the environment,”he explained.


Erens hopes people are committed to support environmentally friendly practices, for example by saving electricity and water, planting and maintaining trees, reducing the use of motor vehicles, as well as implementing the 3R concept, ie, reduce, reuse and recycle.
“On environmental day, we are concerned about the damage caused by climate change on coastal ecosystems. The similar perception between the government and local government needs to be improved, as well as the involvement of the public and the private sector, ” he said.

“The destruction and pollution of the environment can threaten the lives of the communities. Environmental sustainability is the key to maintaining ecosystem services and avoid environmental disasters,” he said.

Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya said that the coastal area has potential of natural resources that is 14% of the world’s coral reefs, 27 % of mangrove world, and 25% of the fish world, with a variety of living organisms therein. Even it is called Mega-Marine Biodiversity world, because it has 8,500 species of fish, 555 species of sea grass and 950 species of coral reef organisms.
“The enormous potential has to be managed optimally for the prosperity of the people in a sustainable manner, and continue to be protected from environmental damage that causes a decrease in its potential,” he said.

Kambuaya said  global warming threatens lives on earth. “This condition is characterized by an increased frequency of rain with very high intensity, uncertainty dry or wet season, and the emergence of various disasters such as droughts, storms, floods and landslides. In coastal areas and small islands, the effects in the form of hurricanes, floods and rising sea levels,” Kambuaya said. (Jubi / Eveerth/ Tina)

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