General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura - Jubi

Social Protection Card Holders Provided Service of Second Class Room

General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura - Jubi

General Hospital (Hospital) Dok II Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura Public Hospital (RSUD Jayapura) is no longer suitable to be a national referral hospital because the  number of staff has not been able to catch up with the increase of patients.

“To deal with the surge in the number of patients, we take measures by admitting patients who are holders of the Social Protection Card to Class  II ward if Class III rooms are full. If Class III rooms are occupied, we admit them to Class IV while the payment claim is still referred to the third class according to the Social Protection Card guidelines,” said Aloysius Giay, Head of Health Department of Papua Province on last week.

The increase of patients, according to him, occurred because 18 health centers in Jayapura Municipality are not 24 hours. In addition, the increase started since the hospital became a referral from Papua Barat Province.

“For the long term, we are planning to renovate and build a new building including the integrated outpatient building that would absorb the budget up to Rp 400 billion,” he said.


Additionally, some rooms would be built, such as an obstetric room, a surgery room and an internist room for both male and female patients, and a bronchitis room. “I have discussed this with the former Minister of Legal, Political and Security Affairs Luhut Panjaitan, and he agreed. The total budget required is up to Rp 800 billion. But I hope this planning is keep running after the replacement of new minister,” he said.

Meanwhile during May 2016, Abepura Public Hospital (RSUD Abepura) already received the initial installment but the absorption was only Rp 3.5 billion. The allocated Social Protection Card 2016 received by RSUD Jayapura is Rp 60 billion, including Rp 10 billion for the referral cost to three hospitals outside of Papua.

Chairman of the Commission III of Papua Legislative Council Carolus Bolly said the National Referral Hospital RSUD Jayapura must give an example of service to other hospitals in Papua. “We also expect RSUD Abepura do the same,” he said.  (rom/*)

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