Illustration of students activities in SMA 5 Jayapura - IST

SMAN 5 Jayapura students are not allowed to wear hijab


Illustration of students activities in SMA 5 Jayapura – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Salma, one of Dok 8 residents in Imbi Village, North Jayapura District complained about the policy issued by the State Senior High School (SMAN) 5 Jayapura by not accepting students who wear hijab. Salma complained to Jubi in Jayapura on June 14.

“It’s a pity, the school labeled as Angeleri but the rules like that is not acceptable, those rules should only apply in private schools,” she said.

Salma’s mother only found out after her daughter, Ica Hamid wanted to enrol at the school, but the registration committee advised the child not to wear the headscarf when it was received.

“My daughter, with her friends wants to list in SMAN 5 but from information obtained from the recipients of new prospective students in SMAN 5, they do not accept students who wear headscarves on the basis to suit uniformity,” she said.


Head of SMAN 5 Jayapura Angnes Yomima Bonai when spoken to Jubi was also justified it. She said the school she led since 2002 has already have that rule so the prospective students are not allowed to wear a headscarf if they want to  study at SMAN 5 Jayapura.

“Yes, it is true that our school does not accept students wearing hijab, but that does not mean Muslim students are not accepted, we still accept them but the one without hijab, this has been applied several years ago,” she said.

The reason why Muslim students did not wear the hijab at SMAN 5 Jayapura, according to her is the policy of Wilhelmina W. Kambu since 2002 which at that time became the school builder. Mrs. Wilhelmina W. Kambu made the rule because she wanted all the students to dress the same.

“From the beginning it is already so, the goal is that all the students in this school uniform should be the same too, so there is no difference based on hat or hijab. This rule that I continue as principal, I hope the parents or guardians who want to register their child to SMAN 5 Jayapura can understand the rules,” she said.(*)

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