The office of Papua People's Assembly (MRP) - Jubi

MRP Decree Indicates Burden of Conflict

The office of Papua People's Assembly (MRP) - Jubi

The office of Papua People’s Assembly (MRP) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Both academician of Cenderawasih University Ferry Kareth and Secretarly General of Papua Presidium Council Thaha Alhamid shared common view related to Papua People’s Assembly Decree No.11/2015 that it would risk sparking to communal conflicts.

In dialogue to hear the people’s aspirations held by Papua People’s Assembly and customary/intellectual figures and law practitioners in Jayapura City last week, academician Ferry Kareth explained the Decree No.11/2015 about to recommend the candidates of regional head and deputy head must be indigenous Papuan is a recommendation without engaged legal aspect. If it wasn’t good socialized it could trigger a horizontal conflict among the community that could have high cost impact in next election process.

In line with the decree, Kareth asked the Papua People’s Assembly and Regional Government to encourage the amendment of Special Autonomy Law so the Decree No.11/2015 could be adjusted and have binding and engaged legal power. “If not, the decree would be ignore and as executor, the Election Committee would never use it in the election on next December. Because they will refer to the Regulation No.8/2015 about the election of governor, regent and mayor as the legal basis,” said Kareth.

He added the Papua People’s Assembly obliges to socialize the decree to public to avoid the raising of any conflict.


Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Papua Presidium Council Thaha Al Hamid admitted the decree would be a source of conflict if it’s not set in the proper legal aspect. “I am very concerned that the horizontal conflict would be occurred and I think this decree has enough potential to do so. I also propose the police to immediately review this condition so they could find out the root of many issues that possibly to be raised,” he said.

Papua People’s Assembly member George Awi said he would submitted the result of this meeting to the Chairman of Papua People’s Assembly for making the decree could become a gateway of amendment of the Special Autonomy Law so that indigenous Papuan could be the leader on their own land. “There’s a feedback from the meeting that we would anticipate now is the opinion that we should prevent the occurrence of conflict,” he said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)


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