Six-Year Old Boy Killed by Stray Bullet


Jayapura, Jubi – A six-year old boy named Novan was killed by a stray bullet from a soldier’s gun .

The incident occurred when he was at the Sriwijaya Air waiting room in Mopah Airport Merauke on Monday (9/3/2015). It was allegedly happened due to the negligence of military officer.

Papua Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Patrige Renwarin said the incident happened at 08:40 Papua time. The boy’s father, Sugiono (32 years old) was in critical condition after being hit by the same bullet.
“The last information we had said a military officer from Battalion Yalet 755 was at the airport. He checked a firearm belonging to Lieutenant Colonel Joko Pitoyo who would depart to Jayapura and emptied its bullets,” Renwarin said on Monday (9/3/2015).

He further said in order to ensure the firearm was really empty; he fired the gun towards the room partition made by plywood at Sriwijaya Air waiting room. When he pulled the gun trigger, there’s been a bullet actually left.
“The gun was fired. Its bullet went through the partition and hit Sugiono on his chest and his son Novan who’ve been at his arm. Both of them were the passengers of Merauke-Yogyakarta departure. The Army Military Police is currently investigating this case,” he said.

Meanwhile the AnimTi Waninggap Merauke Military Regional Commander, Brigadier General Supartodi confirmed the incident. He said it was purely the officer’s negligence. “The soldier wanted to empty the gun, but suddenly it barked. I cannot say about his sanction yet, but currently he is still questioned by the Military Police and we still wait its result of investigation,” the Brigadier General Supartodi told reporter by phone. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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