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Six TNI members arbitrarily enter Suara Papua journalist’s house in Enarotali


Suara Papua

Jayapura, Jubi – Six members of Indonesian National Army (TNI) on Tuesday, October 17, entered the house of journalist Suara Papua in Enarotali, Paniai without permission. The apparatus said they were looking for a street child who runs into the journalist’s house.

The journalist, Stevanus Yogi had reported on Tuesday (October 17) at 12 noon local time, that the six TNI members were not wearing uniform with full weapons went inside his residence in Enarotali, Papua.

Yogi recounted that after the six soldiers arrived at his residence, without questioning, three members of them went straight into the house and check into each room, while the other three members remain outside while checking his home yard.

“They (the TNI) came from Iyaipugi market direction, did not ask for permission and went straight into the house to check. I did not say anything because I was also shock,” he said to from Enarotali, Paniai , Papua.


After checking inside the house and yard, while leaving the house, Yogi said, one of the six TNI members said they were checking his house because there was a thief who fled to the journalist’s residence.

“They check around in the house about 2 minutes and then leave.When they leave one of them say, we check the father has a house because there are child stolen laptop aibon and money run here,” he said imitating one of the TNI members.

Stevanus said he was scared and intimidated by the arrival of the apparatus suddenly and after arriving straight into the house and checking the entire house.

“I saw three people carrying guns, three others with bayonet knives, they did not touch me, but their behavior and look were very disturbing and I felt intimidated,” Yogi said, the arrival of TNI members was very suspicious, because they only visited his house.

“I feel undermined and not being appreciated, because they do not ask for permission to me as the owner of the house, I am also suspicious because they come and check my house, while other houses are not,” he explained.

According to him, the arrival of the six TNI members was only to terror, because, Yogi said, only himself who worked frankly as a journalist in Enarotali.

“But I will not be afraid of anybody, I will keep the spirit of working as a media worker because it is time for Papuans to write and proclaim what Papuans see, experience and feel,” Yogi concluded.

Responding to that, Arnold Belau, the Chief Editor of the Suara Papua, said that he had received reports from Yogi. Belau agreed that the TNI members who arbitrarily enter Yogi’s house were a form of intimidation and terror to journalists.

“The arrival of the officers to the house with an excused of looking for thieves was form of terror and intimidation … why did they only check Yogi’s house while other houses are not?” Belau questioned.

Belau also said the actions taken by the authorities were not conducted when his reporters carried out the coverage. That is why he suspects that it was actions of terror.

“And I suspect (the arrival of the apparatus) has something to do with the news in Suara Papua related to Paniai not long ago,” he said. (

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