Protest by Indonesian, urged President of Indonesia to open humanitarian access to West Papua - Jubi

Silenced Democracy, Civil Emergency for West Papua

Protest by Indonesian, urged President of Indonesia to open humanitarian access to West Papua - Jubi

Protest by Indonesian, urged President of Indonesia to open humanitarian access to West Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) said it strongly condemned the brutal and inhuman acts carried out by security forces against students and activists who support the liberation of West Papua during the demonstration against the annexation of Papua nation into the Republic of Indonesia on 1 May.

“Human rights and democracy in West Papua are at its lowest because the Indonesian colonial government through its apparatus has deprived the rights of civil society to gather, organize and express their aspirations. Critical voices and independent media are totally banned,” Napi Awom of WPNCL said at a press conference on Saturday (02/5/2015) at Elsham Papua Office

The Government of Indonesia has silenced democracy and closed access to free specch in West Papua to force Papuans to accept the concept of nationalism of the colonial authority by putting down their slogan ‘United Indonesia, at any cost’.

Meanwhile, Simen Alua of National West Papua Parliament added reducing the right to freedom expression and imposition of the concept of Indonesian nationalism are continuously applied through detention of hundreds of demonstrators and forced dissolution against the peace demonstration by the people of Papua in the entire land of West Papua and outside of West Papuan territorial.


“Yesterday, when West Papuan civil society held a peace demonstration against 52nd Indonesian colonialism in West Papua on 1 May 2015, the state’s apparatus brutally arrested and disbanded this action and enforced the people to accept their ideology. Their acts were not dignified, inhuman and violated the human rights,” Alua firmly said.

He further said the Government of Indonesia must stop pushing its concept of nationalism towards the people of West Papua through the slogan ‘United Indonesia, at any cost’ because Papuan people have right on self-determination which is verified and guaranteed in the preamble of Indonesian Constitution, UN Declaration on Human Rights and international covenants on civil, politic, economic and culture rights, and UN Declaration on Indigenous People Rights.
‘We urged the Government of Indonesia to release the West Papuan politic prisoners and the human right activists and pro-democracy organizations in West Papua, Indonesia and worldwide to do the immediate, accurate and continual humanitarian advocacy because West Papua is now leading a status of Civil Emergency to Martial Law,” he said.

In addition, the BUK Papua Coordinator Peneas Lokbere regretted the police/military officers’ act that was very brutal against the Papuan civlians.
“They have not even held the rally when the officers interrupted and arrested them. The officers were fully equipped as if it was a war,” he said.

Further BUK Papua and KontraS Papua expected this incident could be an official evaluation towards the Police/Military repressive act in Papua because it wasn’t the first time but repeatedly occurred in Papua. (Agus Pabika/rom)

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