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Sexual abuse and violence against children dominant in Merauke


Children ilustration –

Merauke, Metro Merauke – Violence against women in Merauke Regency, Papua this year is dominated by sexual harassment and violence against children.

More than 50 cases of maternal and child abuse in families reported this year, most are violence against minors by their own parents.

Head of Women Empowerment and Gender Mainstreaming Department of Women Empowerment Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning (P3AP2KB) Merauke regency, Yosephita Aron said, sexual harassment and violence against children are more than just a case to women.

“It first influenced by development of technology, then the legal status of family is in questioned. Many who live together but not married,” she said Monday (August 7).


The lack of assistance to adolescents to prepare them when becoming parents and responsibilities they must carry out, because having children is not merely just live together. The parenting pattern in the family also contributes to the perspective and habits of the child’s growth.

She said the P3AP2KB Office can only provide assistance for complaints from the community related to violence against women and children, so that children and women have place to report.

“There needs to be cooperation from government, religion leaders and custom, which must run synergistically. Teenage mentoring in every religion should be strengthened. Preparation of pre-marriage includes the parenting in religious coaching,” she said.

She mentioned that 80 percent of children are left unattended outside home, not with parents or families to control and teach them about life, virtuous and moral. As a result, promiscuity, moral damage becomes rampant. (*)

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