Sex Education Taught at School In Jayawijaya


Wamena, Jubi – The Department of Education and Teaching of Jayawijaya continues to reinforce learning materials on HIV-AIDS in schools ranging from elementary to high school levels.

“Well this included material of HIV/Aids and the material would be taught in local content and later be integrated in physical and arts subjects,” the head of Education and Teaching Murjono Murib told reporters in Wamena on Wednesday (12/11).

It is important as school-aged children are prone to HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, the chief executive of the National AIDS Commission of Jayawijaya, Gaad Tabuni said, the material of HIV-AIDS has been included in the lessons since 2013.
“The teachers have been trained to include HIV/ AIDS material in the local content ,” Gaad Tabuni said. Particularly for elementary level, the information of the danger of HIV- AIDS need to be introduced and known by the kids so that at the time they are at the high school level , they koew how to prevent it. (Islami/ Tina)


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