The evacuation of victims of landslides (Jubi)

Seven villages hit by landslides in Yahukimo

The evacuation of victims of landslides (Jubi)

The evacuation of victims of landslides (Jubi)Lan

Wamena, 6/1 (Jubi) – Landslides was occurred in seven villages of Sub-district Lolat, District of Yahukimo, Thursday (2/1) about at 17:00 Papua time. It caused farms and cattle buried by the landslides.

When to be confirmed by the reporters at the prevention post of landslide disaster responsive team of Lolat Sub-district in Wamena, Monday (6/1), Japheth Bahabol, the Chairman of the landslide disaster responsive team of Lolat sub-district, explained that the landslides was occurred after the heavy rains and those seven villages stand in the slope which is its structure of soil was fragile.
He explained further that until now the disaster prevention team was not able to determine how many acres of citizen’s farms buried by the landslides, and up to now the team is only able to communicate through SSB in order to get the detail information about the lost and the citizens for help.
“It is certain that the farms which was ready to harvest and newly planted was buried by the landslides and also impacted to the cattle as well,” said Yafet Bahabol.
It was not the cattle and the farm buried by the landslide, further he said, but also a citizen called Nik Suhun, when the landslides occurred was buried while feeding his cattle.
A big stone his this man, aged about 50 years old, on his head and legs. Fortunately, the local citizens who live around quickly saved him with pulling him up from the pile of soil and stones.
“Once we found him, we were immediately evacuate him to the Hospital of Wamena by helicopter of Helivida, explained Yafet that is also the staff of Yasumat, the local NGO in Yahukimo.
As a result of this incident, Yafet is concerned that after the disaster, the citizens of Sub-district Lolat can no longer have access to the food because their farms had buried in the ground. Therefore, the citizens of Yahukimo who domicile in Wamena began to raise funds on Monday (6/1) at the five points to ease the burden of the citizens.
He added, from the updated information gathered from the district government of Yahukimo, the government staffs have visited the locations and identified the victims of this disaster.
“We hope the district government of Yahukimo is able to assist the dropping of food for the citizens out there,” he said. (Jubi/Islami/P Maizier)

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