Freeport head office in Phoenix, Arizona, USA - Supplied

Seven Tribes Empowerment Team Ready to Propose CEO Candidate

Freeport head office in Phoenix, Arizona, USA - Supplied

Freeport head office in Phoenix, Arizona, USA – Supplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Seven tribes empowerment team of seven tribes the land tenure owners in Freeport Indonesia mining area is now preparing their candidate for the position of the Executive Director of PT. Freeport Indonesia.

Team member Yulianus Nawipa said the team has set up a candidate, but he still kept it on secret.

“But the point is the team is deserved for that position. We have program and transparent system. We have designed it,” said Nawipa to Jubi by phone on Saturday (2/4/2016).

According to him, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe might propose a candidate to the Indonesian Government and Freeport in Jakarta. But he thought the Empowerment Team is the most feasible to appoint a candidate since it already had a clear working program.


“We have designed a system for the State’s purpose, the interest of both company and Papuan government and Papuan people in general as well,” he said.

He said the team was formed in order to eliminating the underdevelopment, discrimination in employees training and recruitment as well as the other things.

Meanwhile the Secretary General of seven tribes empowerment team Manase Degei said the team was formed due to the willingness of team members to get involved in responsibility.

“We are more about to take care of the management. It is not about tenure rights but our rights and the rights of employees from seven tribes. We want the employees of seven tribes origin at PT. Freeport could be protected,” said Degei. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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