Seven Regencies in West Papua Province Disaster Prone


Manokwari, Jubi/Antara – The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Papua Province said seven of 11 regencies of the province are at risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

“The national disaster risk index recorded Manokwari Regency, Raja Ampat Regency, Teluk Bintuni Regency, Teluk Wondama Regency, Sorong Regency, Sorong Selatan Regency and Maybrat Regency are highly disaster prone areas,” said the Head of BPBD West Papua, Derek Ampnir in Manokwari on Wednesday (7/1).

Derek Ampnir said within 2014, three of seven regencies namely the Maybrat Regency, Manokwari Regency and Teluk Wondama Regency have hit by natural disaster.

“5.3 Richter earthquake stroked 113 houses in Maybrat Regency. Floods at Manokwari and Teluk Wondama destroyed the residents’ houses and public facilities,” he said.

He further said in anticipating the natural catastrophe occurred in seven regencies in 2015, BPBD of West Papua Province is facilitating the local BPBD in each regency to conduct activities related to readiness and emergency alert on natural disaster.


“This year we facilitate the local BPBDs, especially the BPBDs of seven risk-disaster regencies to hold simulation activities of disaster alert in each regency,” he said.

He further revealed the purpose of various activities of disaster management at the district level is to prepare the community and officials in handling situation when the nature disaster was occurred. In addition it could increase the coordination between both provincial and local BPBDs and other related offices when disaster happen, so all sectors could optimize their contribution in handling the victims. (*/Rom)

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