Border of Indonesia - PNG - Suplied

Seven Hostage Takers Arrested by PNG Military

Border of Indonesia - PNG - Suplied

Border of Indonesia – PNG – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – The commander of the XVII Cenderawasih military region, Major General Hinsa Siburian, said here on Sunday (20/9/2015) that the Papua New Guinea Defense Forces have arrested seven people who have recently taken hostage two Indonesian citizens.

“Based on the report that I received seven members of the group that has taken hostage two Indonesian citizens have been held by the PNG army,” he told to press.

He said the seven were arrested during the operation to free the hostages carried out by the PNG army.

He said there was no complete report about the process of the arrest and holding of the hostage takers because it was the PNG armys affairs.


The hostage taking problem had been settled without any barter or payment being involved, he said.

He expressed appreciation to the efforts that have been made by the PNG government and army to release the hostages safely.

He admitted that the Indonesian military has actually prepared an anti-terror unit to free the hostages.

The anti-terror team consisting 50 members would be sent to free the hostages but because the location of the hostage taking is in PNG they had so far only stood by to wait for orders, he said.

The two Indonesian citizens – Badar and Sudirman – were freed by the PNG army on Friday (Sept 18) after being held hostage since September 9. (*)

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