The road which connecting Wamena to Tiom (Lanny Jaya) -

Seven Employees Reportedly Taken Hostage in Lanny Jaya

The road which connecting Wamena to Tiom (Lanny Jaya) -

The road which connecting Wamena to Tiom (Lanny Jaya) –

Jayapura, Jubi – Seven employees working for PT. AS Jaya have been taken hostage by a group of people in Lanny Jaya Regency on Wednesday (19/6/2015), police and a source told Jubi on Thursday (11/6/2015).

“The scene is around Balingga Sub-district, Lanny Jaya. The perpetrators were approximately 20 people who alleged GM’s group. The employers are Daniel Duma (36 years old), Soni Barama (22), Suryanto Saraba (30), Desri Pailin (22), Danunan alias Danias Puya, Giriton Tabuni (24), and Biasa Tabuni (23),” said the informant, who declined to be named, through a short message.

According to him, the incident occurred when the victims conducted on location survey for road construction project. They were confronted by a group of people and had no chance to escape. But there’s no information about who did it and what is their purpose. “The hostage has no connection with politic or ransom to Lanny Jaya Local Government. It is still under further investigation,” the informant said.

Papua Police Spokesperson Senior Commissionaire Patrige Renwarin confirmed the incident. However, he said the police were still investigating. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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