Sentani Airport Guarded by TNI Troops

Sentani Airport - Jubi

Sentani Airport – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – Security at Sentani Airport is being reinforced by military personnel at departure and arrival areas.

Interestingly,the soldiers are wearing the same uniforms as other civilian officers that work at the airport.

“Security around the airport area is the responsibility of the police. Yet because of the security system is not adequate, military personnel are needed as reinforcements. In the future we hope that a good system can be applied in accordance with the duties and functions,” Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sondra Siagian said when confirmed via cell phone on Tuesday (05/05/2015).

Police chief added, security radius that is given to the police in the area of ​​the airport has been in charge except there are some crucial parts handled by military personnel only. The issue at this time if there were TNI ( National Security Force)assigned there, it may be assigned by the institution, and it is normal.


Separately, police chief Inspector of Service Area Jubelina Wally admitted that it had not given the deeper portion of providing security in the airport area, for example X-ray guard at the entrance of passengers into the airport lounge and in the arrival hall are not guarded by her officer and handled by the military that has been dressed as civil servants.
Meanwhile, Lucky Matui one of the religious leaders and the passangger prefered the duties and functions of the security forces assigned in the area of ​​service should be the police authority. (Engel Wally/ Tina)

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