Sentani Airport - Jubi

Sentani Airport Anticipates MERS

Sentani Airport - Jubi

Sentani Airport – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – The management of Sentani airport is coordinating with health authorities to anticipate the spread the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Jayapura, Papua.

“There have been a notice to us from Jakarta to coordinate with the relevant health quarantine officials due to the disease outbreak (overseas) in recent weeks,” the head of Sentani Airport Service and Cooperation, Salomina Rumsarwir, said on Thursday (18/6).

She said that based on information, the disease could travel to Indonesia.

“I’ve developed communication with the health and quarantine department and they said that for the moment Papua is safe from the disease,” she added.


“We ‘stand by’ to anticipate the entry of diseases that spread from the Middle East, if there is something related to the disease then there will be an advanced notice from the airport in Jakarta,”she explained.

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, more than 230 schools in South Korea has been closed for a while for fear of the spread of Mers disease.

South Korea’s Ministry of Education has urged schools to temporarily close, because they fear a mass infection occurs among students. (*/ Tina)

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