Merauke Seaport - Supplied

Sea Highway Ship Arrives in Merauke

Merauke Seaport - Supplied

Merauke Seaport – Supplied

Merauke, Jubi – The Government’s program to promote highways for ships transporting basic commodities is already running. In the first launch in May 2016,  eleven containers were loaded in Merauke Seaport for transporting basic needs.

The Head of Merauke Industry and Trade Beny Malik told Jubi at his office on last week the containers transporting basic commodities and other goods such as cement with low price, namely Rp eleven million per container. It is lower than the normal price up to Rp seventeen million per container due to the government’s subsidy.

Along with this program, said Malik, it is expected to reduce the existing price.

“It is still new and we still must coordinate and communicate with other stakeholders who applied as foods or goods distributors,” he said.


The sea toll is expected to be able to assist the reduction of price in the market. Because if the goods were imported in bulk, it automatically prevent the ‘swelling’ price. “It is one of the Central Government’s strategy,” he said.

Merauke councilor Moses Kaibu when asked for his opinion said people expected the sea toll could reduce the price of basic commodities or other good.

“I think the price for a container transporting the basic need has reduced to 11 million due to the government’s subsidy. So it is expected the price at the market could be reduced and consumers could buy it with cheaper price. The related office must do regular monitoring to control the price on the ground,” he said. (Ans K/rom)

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