Merauke Seaport - Supplied

Sea Highway Not Boosting Logistics

Merauke Seaport - Supplied

Merauke Seaport – Supplied

Merauke, Jubi – Head of Merauke Industry, Trading and Cooperation Office Beny Malik said the sea highway program had not brought a significant impact to the area, since the ship only loaded limited containers of groceries and construction materials.

“It is twice shipping the containers to Merauke Seaport. However, the numbers are still limited,” said Malik to Jubi at his office on Tuesday (7/6/2016).

On the first trip, said Malik, it only loaded about 20 containers, while there are 40 containers on the second trip. Those numbers are still very limited as demand continues to grow. Ideally, he said, the ship should load 150 containers of groceries, construction materials and other goods in one trip.

“I have proposed extra containers for Merauke Regency during the coordination meeting in Jakarta few times ago, but no follow up yet. Hopefully, in the next shipping, the number of goods would be increased,” he said.


The Chairman of Commission B of Merauke Legislative Council, Fransiskus Sirfefa, few times ago said the consumers’ demand to do shopping is very high. Therefore, he said, the distributors must increase the number of goods to be shipped to avoid the lack of supplies in the market that would affect the price increases. (Ans K/rom)

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