Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

SD Negeri 4 Timika Have No School Building for 5 Years

Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

Timika, Jubi – Due to a lack of a building, students of elementary school SDN 4 Timika attend classes in a building belonging to SD I Kwamki, its principal said.

Bruno Fatubun in Timika, last week, said the school has had no building since 2010.
“This is very bothersome because the number of students continues to increase,” he said.

“We hope the local government will pay attention to this case as students are looking forward to having their own building,” he said.

Another elementary school, SDN 7 has three additional classrooms and have been used since last February.
“When there were no additional classrooms, the school used shift system. But eventually it runs normally, ” the principal of SDN 7 Timika, Yopi S. Lonal said on Wednesday (27/5/2015).


He added that the project was funded from the National Budget (APBN). However, the school did not participate in the appointment of the contractor.
“We only know when it is done and ready to use. The classrooms are complete with tables, chairs, and boards,” he said.

However, school still needs improvement in some parts by the contractor. Because after being reviewed by the State Audit Agency of Papua province. The building is still in need of repair and the contractor, has seen it and will fix the building.
“We hope shortage of facilities will be completed soon. So that all the teaching and learning process in schools will be going well, “he said. (Eveerth Joumilena/ Tina)

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