Pupils in West Papua. (Jubi/Doc)

School Children at Sentani Spend Fifty Thousand A Day For School Trip

The ilustration. Some students of elementary school are walking. (Jubi/Doc)

The ilustration. Some students of elementary school are walking. (Jubi/Doc)

Sentani, Jubi – The local government has never considered about the children living on Sentani Lake surrounding who had to spend fifty thousand rupiah a day for going to the school. If they had no money, they would be absence, the Ebungfauw Sub-district Chief Wellem Felle told Jubi at Sentani on Wednesday (11/2/2015).

He added the issue was actually raised in the Village Development Plan Meeting and most of meeting participants proposed about the procurement of school bus because their children could not get well education due to the high transportation cost.

Ebungfauw is consisting of six villages, namely Putali, Atamali, Abar, Kameyakha, Simporo and Babrongko. The children could go to the elementary school at their villages but they have to go to the town to continue their advance study. And it is costing high.

Wellem Felle also said based on the proposal, the sub-district office and several village administration office will work together to facilitate the bus procurement for children at Sentani Lake surrounding area.


A resident, Mrs. Solfince, similarly said everyday she should earn money for her two children who currently study at senior high school in Sentani City.
“I should have at least one hundred cash on hand. Sometimes I have to borrow it from my relatives or friends to keep my children going to the school because both water and transportation cost are highly increased. Like or not I do it everyday for the sake of my children,” she said. (Engelbert Wally/rom)

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