Illustration of migration to Papua Land by passengers’ ship - Dok. Jubi

There is scenario to abolish Perdasus population, legislators said


Illustration of migration to Papua Land by passengers’ ship – Dok. Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Vice Chairman of Papuan House of Representatives Commission V, Nioluen Kotouki suspects, there is a scenario to prevent the implementation of Perdasus No. 16 of 2008 on population control in Papua, which has been legislated several years ago.

He said the Perdasus on demographic have been enacted by previous members of Papuan House. But it seems there are various parties who are not in line to that because it was considered not in favor of non-Papuans.

“We suspect there is a conspiracy within the executive itself to prevent the implementation of this Perdasus. It has been fixed, ready to announce and applied but until now it is not implemented,” said Kotouki Monday (June 12).

According to him, the contents of Perdasus described in Law Number 21 Year 2001, concerning Otsus Papua. Some of its articles are very crucial because it speaks for indigenous Papuans.


“The gov population service has never socialized this Perdasus, people come to Papua without controlled, now the impact is on the indigenous people of Papua. The related agencies do not analyze and interpret the law well,” he said.

Commission V promise to invite related agencies and the Perdasus will be socialized.

“The Perdasus is aimed for indigenous Papuans, which will have an impact on the welfare of indigenous Papuans and politics as well. If the issue is funding for socialization, we can push it in the house. But I think we can see that there are some interests are playing in this field, we hope that the governor see this. Those who do not want this Perdasus to be implemented is actually violate the Special Autonomy Law because as it is the mandate of Otsus,” he said.

While member of Commission V Natan Pahabol said this issue of population control and data, is closely related to the protection or safety of Papuans. People in Papua must be well regulated.

“In Perdasus the rules are clear; the problem is only implementation by the government. Population checks must be tightened,” said Natan.

The population law, he said, were also related to Papuan health, education, welfare, and issues of gap. If the population is well regulated, prosperity will be seen.

“Do not let the Papuans be marginalized. This is Otsus, so there must be a partiality to the indigenous Papuans in all legal products in Papua,” he said. (*)

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