Kenius Kogoya (Jubi)


Kenius Kogoya (Jubi)

Kenius Kogoya (Jubi)

Jayapura, 24/1 (Jubi) – security threats that often occur in Puncak Jaya regency, Papua is considered to be one of the causes of many teachers in the region absent from duty.

Chairman of Commission E of The Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP), Kenius Kogoya said the information gathered, the conflict that often occurs in Puncak Jaya resulted the teaching – learning process is not running optimally.
“The information we got that many teachers are absent from duty because of fear. They seek for safety as the region is frequently disturbing. This condition should not be allowed to happen. We hope that the security forces provide security, either the public or civil servants who were there. “said Kenius Kogoya, Friday (24/1).
According to him, the learning process is not running well in Puncak Jaya. The fear is significantly affecting the younger generation in the region. Definitely, this condition can not be allowed because the younger generation can not get a good education access optimally.
” Surprisingly, information we had that the people who creating conflict are teenagers under age. It should not be allowed because it would be fatal for the future generations of Papua. “he said.
Futhermore, he explained, the role of the church’s leaders, tribal leaders and society is also needed in order to create a peaceful situation in Puncak Jaya. “It is the time we empower teens and don’t let them guerrilla in the jungle. “he said.
Puncak Jaya is one of the areas in Papua is fragile in conflict. Most recent incident reported there was crossfire action between armed groups with members of the Indonesian Military 751/Car Raider. One member of the armed group reported killed in the incident.
Head of Information Cenderawasih XVII military command, Colonel Infantry Lumban Siantar Lismer said, in this incident a member of the KSB is suspected as a member of National Liberation Army / Free Papua Movement (TPN / OPM) killed and a long-barreled firearms succeeded to secure by Battalion Indonesia Military 751/ Car Raider.
“The clash occurred around 07:30 ( local time)in Puncak Jaya. Until now, communication has not been smooth so that the update of the current conditions is still unknown.”said Lumban Siantar Lismer. (Jubi / Arjuna/Tina )

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