Rusia Flag - Suplied

Russia Offers Scholarships for Papuan Students

Rusia Flag - Suplied

Rusia Flag – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – The honorary Consul of Russia in Papua, Teo Seng Lee said no Papuans are currently studying in Russia and offered scholarships for the Papuan students to continue their studies.

“Actually, we give subsidies to students, no matter which country they are from. For that we come to Papua, “Teo Seng Lee said this week after meeting Regional Secretary of Papua, Dosinaen Hery.

Within a period of 18 years, 7,000 students from Asia have been studying in Russia because Russia is an advanced country in technology. “They are able to share knowledge and science,” he said. For education, the Russian government also provided subsidies for foreign students.
“Now if you want to study in the United Kingdom or Australia, you can only send one student, but if in Russia, you could send six to seven students with the same tuition,” he said.

He explained, the main major can be taken at University in Rusia is the field of science such as nuclear, oil and gas, mining, agriculture, botany, computer / IT, science, physics, chemistry and biology.
“Now it depends on the government of Papua to decide the number of Papuans to study in Russia. We do not limit it. For the test and selection, we trust the government as until now there is no Papuan students who study there. The program for the first time, we are offering to Papua, “Teo Seng Lee said.


According to him, currently there are 1400 universities Russia so he hoped there would be one student from Papua sent and studies at one of the universities.
“Currently we are working with the most excellent universities, there are 25 federal university and national level, “he said.

Regarding tuition he said, in Russia approximately $ 2,000 or below Rp20 million for the year. Then the boarding cost is $ 4 to $ 20 for a month or approximately Rp40 thousand per month.
“It’s all because subsidized by Russian government. While for the cost of eating in our country is only Rp1-1,5 million,” he said.

In response, the Regional Secretary of Papua Hery Dosinaen said if you want to study in Russia, there is a standard academic grade should be average 7.5 and without a test. While the language problem will be taught in Russia.
“I will report it to the governor. We will prepare Papua students to take nuclear science, mining, medicine and all other sciences discipline in Russia. We will send there, besides we send to other countries, “Hery Dosinaen added. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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