Rural Students Not Ready for Final Exams, Councillor Says


Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) education commission expressed concerns that that many students especially in rural areas might not be ready to take the upcoming National Examinations (UN).


“We are concerned that students in remote areas would face difficulty to answer UN problems. Until now there are teachers who rarely come. As a result teaching and learning activities do not run optimally,” chairman deputy of Commission V, Nioluen Kotouki told Jubi a few days ago.


He also questioned whether the Department of Education, regencies and cities come down to the field for monitoring teaching and learning activities in the region.



Separately, Nathan Pahabol, member of Commission V said the content of UN would be different to what students are learning in the rural area and it would be difficult for the students.


Therefore, he asked the regents and related agencies to go to each school in order to find out whether there is a learning process or not as well as giving any sanctions for teachers who rarely come. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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