Ruben Magay: Soldiers Involved in Bullet Trading Are Actually Separatists


Jayapura, Jubi – A member of Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I, Ruben Magay said the stigma of being separatists attached to Papuans is gradually unravelling.

Some security officers are responsible for creating instability in Papua as evidenced by the arrest of soldiers involved in selling bullets to rebels, Magay said.
“They are actually the real separatists. They are who actually threatening this country. If they have been identified as the military members, it’s a caution for the country. Don’t earn money improperly in Papua,” Magay said on Saturday (31/1).

According to him, it’s really sad if Papua continues being developed and adapted in the wrong way. Now, the provocateurs that took advantages for every problems of Papua during this time have begun to uncover.
“Those culprits who acted on behalf of the Country, institution and make a money improperly damaged the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. How long Papuans would be treated on this way,” he said.

Ruben Magay asked the Military Commander and Papua Police Chief to conduct a thorough investigation towards the involvement of other parties in the bullet trading. He further said there is a scenario to create the unsafe situation.
“The military members who involved in this case must be cracked explicitly. It should be revealed whether they acted on behalf of the institution or themselves. Who’s behind the trading, started from those who are in Jakarta till Papua,” he said.

Last week, the Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Commander Fransen Siahaan said he refused to have a traitor in his troop. The bullets would be used to kill the innocent people, including the Indonesian soldiers.
“They are my enemies, the traitors. No tolerance for them. Better I have a small troop, but they are not the traitors of nation,” the Commander Siahaan said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


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