Conflict among Papuan in Timika (IST)


Conflict among Papuan in Timika (IST)

Conflict among Papuan in Timika (IST)

Timika, 23/5 (Jubi) – The chairman of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples (LMA)of Papua, Lenius Kogoya said Rp. 60 billion was needed to support a peace process.

He facilitated the conflict resolution between two groups of people in the village of Mimika Gunung and Kuala Kencana district. Lenius said so far, the problems can not be resolved by both the local government, the provincial government or the military or the police.

Lenius said, It is necessary to adopt a cultural approach to end the conflict.
“Not all of them know how to create rapport with indigenous communities,” Lenius said on Friday (23/5).

To handle the conflict, the group has facilitated talks and mutual visits. On Wednesday (21/5), it had conducted negotiations with the Moni tribe. During the negotiations, Moni people are willing to declare peace. On the same day the LMA also invited Dani tribesmen to negotiate, and the citizens of the Dani also accept it.
“Both parties have agreed to terms on Wednesday (21/5) morning. I met with tribal Dani, I met with Moni residents and they agreed to make peace. That approach we need to do, “he said.


So, for the completion of the current phase of the conflict has begun , and for the first phase, dated May 28 will make custom payments. Therefore, in accordance with request of both parties, both Moni and Dani tribesmen respectively Rp.30 billion. Total funds needed to resolve this conflict of Rp 60 billion. The number of casualties is not only for the course, however, including victims property, both houses were on fire and damage to motor vehicles a war that has lasted less than six months running this. Including the cost of fuel for the stone.

As chairman of the LMA, he urged Mimika Government and 13 Regent Association as well as the Governor , and PT Freeport Indonesia even the candidates for President to give a contribution to the conflict resolution, on 28 and 29 May.

There would be a trial Indigenous customary rights related issues. After the division of communal rights, then we asked the Police to set up a police station in every region of the tribe.
“The local government and PT Freeport Indonesia in Mimika help to build housing to people in every tribe, for the sake of well-being of each resident, “said Lenius.

Related firmness Customary Law, if anyone is murder, then he will be fined as much as 30 Indigenous Pig tails and should also be processed.
“Who killed intentionally or not intentionally will pay fine of 30 pigs and these would be handed over to uncle and her mother. And that person will be prosecuted, “he explined.

LMA Chairman appealed to both groups to not attack each other. LMA also does not prohibit citizens to not carry arrows in the area of ​​conflict, as long as it is not the arrow to attack the group. Until now, police officers assisted by the military still secure the conflict areas.

Meanwhile, earlier Separately, Acting Mimika Regent Ausilius, S.Pd., MM appealed, to all district societies to create peace in Mimika. He said that to create peace required all layers both elements of Community Leaders, Youth Leaders, Religious Leaders, Figures Women, Government, and security apparatus “Because only the life of harmonious society, tolerance, mutual respect we can build the area to achieve fairness and prosperous society, ” he said. (Jubi / Eveerth/Tina)

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