John Gobay - Jubi

Rights Group and Family Seek Whereabouts of Rebel Leader’s Body

John Gobay - Jubi

John Gobay – Jubi

Nabire, Jubi – Human rights activists urged the police and military to immediately inform the family of rebel eader Leonardus Magai Yogi’s body the location of his body after he was shot dead by security forces at Kampung Sanoba Atas, Nabire Sub-district on Thursday (30/4/2015).

John NR. Gobai, the coordinator of Papua and Jakarta Humanitarian Workers (PKPJ) also asked the police and the military to provide access to his organization to see three members of the Free Papua Movement/Papua National Forces who were shot and currently hospitalized in Nabire Public Hospital.
“I ask you to give the access to humanitarian workers and priests as well as their families to see them who are currently treated in RSUD (Public Hospital) Nabire or any kind of hospital and took the corpses of those who passed away regardless of what they’ve done before,” John NR Gobay told Jubi by phone from Enarotali on Sunday (3/5/2015).

He the demand was not only made by the humanitarian workers and their families, but it was also an agreement of GKI and GKIP synods because the members of West Papua Liberation Army are also God’s creatures who have rights to be supported and strengthened in God.
“If they are died, where were they been buried? They shall be buried in respective to their faith. Since the day he was shot until today, 3 May 2015, his family does not know where the corpse of Paniai Region TPN/OPM Commander Leonardus Magai Yogi is. Thus, his family and PKPJ asked to the Papua Police Chief, Military Commander and Papua Brigade Mobile Unit Chief to hand over his corpse for burial,” Gobai said.

He further said, similar with another cases such as convicted drugs cases, the shooting of late Kelly Kwalik, Mako Tabuni and others, this case shouldn’t be hide. “It’s clear enough, the information said someone was shot dead. But where is he now? We cannot see his face. Where is his body? The officers please not hide this, we asked them to show his body because his family and humanitarian workers as well as the priest want to give him a funeral. If he was buried, please show us his grave,” he said.


Meanwhile, in separate place, Mabipai (46), a victim’s family, told Jubi at RSUD Nabire that he departed from Enarotali, Paniai Regency to Nabire to check the Yogi’s corpse. He traveled about 320 kilometers by land transportation from Enarotali. “I came from Enarotali to check the corpse and take it for burial. But as long as I arrived at RSUD Nabire, I wasn’t allowed to go to ICU room. In fact I was threatened with a weapon,” Mabupai said on Friday (1/5) at RSUD Nabire.

He explained the family regretted about the issue telling the Yogi was buried without a notice to his family because his family has full responsibility to treat his body and give him a funeral to honor him.
“I do not understand the Police/Military’s ways of thinking. How could they treat him as if he was never existed? Is it the country called Indonesia, the country that has regulation? It’s sucked,” he said. (Abeth You/rom)

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